We’re on day 117 of lockdown and how many blog posts have I published? None. Not a single one. Whoops.


Either way, here I am now! And sadly I can tell you that nothing of real interest has happened during lockdown (Ok, my sister and I have decided to build a house, but that’s something entirely different). I’ve had loads of time to amp up my skincare regime (as in apply a mask every single day seeing as I have so many of them); research new products and trends; sort out my cosmetics and skincare items; try new items, maintain a self tan, shave my legs. Did I do any of that? No as well. So what did I do? I’m not really even sure. It’s not like I didn’t/don’t have time. I wasn’t extremely busy with other stuff. Maybe I was just plain lazy? We’ll never know. But I’ve:
Eaten everything in sight.
Drank wine and gin and tonics.
Got up much later than I’m used to due to working from home (don’t think I’ll ever be able to get used to getting up at 06h00 again…)
Exercised some (really need to work on this…)
Walked the dog when we were allowed to again.
Made masks to hand out.
Crocheted some blankets.

I was supposed to depart on a trip to Australia on Sunday (26/7). But that has been postponed indefinitely (fingers crossed for sooner rather than later!). I was so looking forward to seeing my godchildren, I miss them (and their parents!) so much. But with all borders closed in Australia (and pretty much everywhere in the world), there’s no way…

Bertie lounging outside at the beginning of lockdown back in March.

When lockdown started we were able to have breakfast outside in the mornings and dinner in the evenings, the sun was shining and setting late. Somehow it morphed into dreary cold mornings, blankets covering every inch of me, the sun coming up late and it being a struggle to get up out of my warm bed. We’ve missed a whole season. Soon the seasons will change again and the end of the year comes closer and closer. And then the realization that Covid-19 robbed us of almost an entire year. And I fear more lockdown type of states to come. Will we be able to have Christmas celebrations with family and friends? Go to the beach? Go for a tasting and lunch at a winefarm? Any of those things we used to almost take for granted? Only time will tell. But I really wish Rona would leave now.

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