The Golden Glow

Aaaah, that elusive golden sun kissed glow that everyone wants. When I think back to high school and how we used to lie in the sun for hours – sometimes with sunscreen, sometimes without – it’s the thing of nightmares. Even if the increased chance of wrinkles and aging skin doesn’t put you off, the… Continue reading The Golden Glow


Skincare Ingredients – the Good and the Bad

Have you ever read the label on your facewash, moisturiser or serum? There are words that I can’t pronounce, much less know what they are good for or why it’s in there! You’ve probably heard words like hyaluronic acid and ceramides before – these are good! Unfortunately, sometimes there are ingredients included that’s not as… Continue reading Skincare Ingredients – the Good and the Bad



I won’t call myself a cosmetics hoarder – a hoarder is someone that has a lot of stuff and doesn’t do anything with it, they just let it pile up and pile up till kingdom come due to serious psychological problems and it turns into an unliveable, unsanitary mess. But yes, I do have a… Continue reading #ProjectEmpties2020

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Summer is on its way!

With Spring in full swing and Summer around the corner, let’s have a look at some must do and must haves for the coming season!


Multipurpose products

I own a lot of cosmetics. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Whatever your problem, I will most probably have a product for it. But one of my favourite products is actually a multipurpose product – the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil. It’s a multi-purpose oil for the face, body and hair.… Continue reading Multipurpose products


My Skincare Routine

Let me give you a quick rundown on my skincare routine! Cleanse 1* I start by using a balm, micellar water or cleansing cloth to remove my makeup. There's no use in using a facewash if your face is full of makeup - it's not going to remove it and all you're doing is wasting… Continue reading My Skincare Routine