A new adventure

I got this idea to start a beauty blog…I follow quite a few and always find it interesting to read and learn about new products. I also have enough cosmetics/makeup/toiletries/stuff to write about until around 2020, so I might as well use my experiences to help others (if anyone’s interested…)?

One friend suggested that I have sort of a summary for guys that’ll make it easier to understand the products and also help when they’re buying something for their significant other, as most of men are somewhat clueless when it comes to this stuff. So at the end of each blog post / review (if relevant) I will try to have a bit for the guys – short and to the point.

I’m always open to suggestions – let me know what you would like to see! Any specific products, items etc?

Also, here are some of my favourite beauty blogs:

Pink Peonies – www.pinkpeonies.co.za
What the Blog – www.whattheblog.co.za
Lipgloss is my Life – www.lipglossismylife.com

Please subscribe, share and follow me on social media and keep your eyes open for the first post!

Chat soon!


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