Hey Gorgeous!

I only recently stumbled upon this brand, and I’m totally hooked. When you step into one of the shops you can’t help but smell all these amazing things – a lot of time was spent sticking my nose into jars and inhaling wonderful aromas. Think coconut, chocolate, lime, peach, papaya, mud pie…the list goes on and on. That in itself makes it even more difficult to choose a product – they all smell divine! The products are made up of all natural products, no synthetic stuff whatsoever here, so the chances of reactions are slim to none. What I also love about the shop is the fact that it’s not cluttered – everything neatly stacked on open shelves! Pretty!


I have (in order of purchase) the Revitalising eye cream, Brightening & Lightening moisturiser and the Goji Berry face mask, which I’ve been using for around 2 months now.

Revitalising eye cream
The texture of this is actually more of a gel than a cream. It’s wonderfully cooling for the delicate eye area. It absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a greasy film, which can affect makeup that you apply over it. I’ve been using this regularly (twice a day) for just over a month and my eye area is certainly more hydrated. This product is a major steal – at R195 (at time of writing) for a 50g container (it’s huge!) this is definitely worth it. My only gripe with this product is the container – it’s a pot, so you sort of have to stick your finger in it to use it. Now, I have a thing about clean hands so I regularly wash mine and obviously any finger I stick in there is clean, but I can’t help but wonder truly how hygienic it is given that it will last a long time (and twice daily contact with fingers). But this doesn’t really bother me all that much. The website says “Added benefit from Liquorice Root, Evening Primrose, Arnica, Pumpkin & Cranberry” though no mention of these elements (except arnica) are made on the packaging – makes it somewhat confusing…


For more info see: http://hey-gorgeous.co.za/collections/eyes-lips/products/revitalising-rejuvenating-eye-cream

Skin Lightening & Brightening moisturiser
I have pigmentation around my eyes and when I read the rave reviews on this (result in 2 weeks etc.) I was very intrigued… Now I know no cream can really take away the pigmentation and I don’t expect any miracles, but the reviews made this sounds like…well, a miracle. So home I went with a massive jar (100g) for R250. At first I couldn’t get used to the smell, I’m still not quite sure what it is, almost like a liquorice type smell (and I don’t like liquorice). But after a week it turned into something soothing, almost a medicinal (in a good way, if there’s such a thing) smell – hard to explain. I have combination (sometimes more oily) skin and was hoping that this doesn’t turn my skin into an oil slick – low and behold, it didn’t! The wonderfully thick cream sank in so nicely and provides a nice base for makeup. The (natural) fragrances doesn’t sting my eyes – bonus! I give it a minute or so before I apply my eye cream and then my makeup. Now, I know people are going to think I’m crazy, but I’m sure the pigmentation under my eyes is lighter. Not nearly gone or anything like that, but there’s a definite improvement.


For more info see: http://hey-gorgeous.co.za/collections/moisturiser/products/skin-lightening-brightening-moisturiser

Goji Berry face mask
I have hordes of face masks – clay, gel, sheet, you name it. But I just couldn’t help myself…they were having a Valentine’s Day special of 10% off. The online reviews of this product seemed to sing its praises in a major way, so home I went with a pot. This is a creamy gel-ish product that doesn’t dry on the skin like a clay mask does. You apply a relatively thick layer (or as you want) and then relaaaax. It’s lovely and cooling and doesn’t have a strong smell, just a lingering of freshness. So sit back, close your eyes for 15min or so and then rinse or wipe it off (I find wiping it off works better than rinsing). I wipe it off with a (clean!) warm washcloth for an added bit of exfoliation. Yoh, does this leave skin hydrated (not oily!) and soft. Whilst on your skin a lot of it is absorbed, so it looks like the mask is disappearing/drying, but in fact your skin is just drinking it up! It’s like having a full facial in 15min! Gorgeous! Use 1 – 2 times a week.


For more info see: http://hey-gorgeous.co.za/collections/corrective-masks/products/goji-berry-for-radiant-skin-face-mask

Hey Gorgeous has a loyalty program, both online and in-store. I’ve only used the in-store one – you have a card and with every purchase you get a sticker – after 5 stickers you get R100 off your next purchase – score!

I’m hoping to try more products soon – they have a Brightening & Evening Serum which sounds amazing and I think would complement the moisturiser I’m using, as well as some awesome sounding Vitamin C products! Not too mention the body- and face scrubs!

Some of the stores also have salons where you can get facials etc, I saw a post on Facebook a while back about one opening in Stellenbosch soon; I can’t wait to go try it! For store locations please check their website (link below).

Hey Gorgeous have the following social media channels for you to follow:


If you’re looking for a gift this is a good place to go. They have loads of yummy smelling body scrubs, -lotions and -butters. Even an interesting face mask can be a nice choice! They also have gift sets with 2 or 3 products in. Good choice for your SO, mom, aunt or friend. Gift vouchers are also available.

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