Bright eyes

I love a nice face mask – I have hordes of them! Sheet, clay, gel, cream, serum, purifying, moisturising, hydrating bla bla bla.

Last night I tried the Sorbet Smoothing Under Eye Mask Brightening & Renewing (gosh, that’s a mouthful). What a nice treat!

According to the Sorbet website (Smoothing under eye mask): “Soothing, brightening and renewing. Reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Intense moisture treatment for the delicate under eye. Key ingredients: Co10, Vitamin A, C, E & B5.” And that’s all the site says…really.

In the first top left you can see what the packet looks like. If you’ve used Sorbet masks before you’ll see it looks just like all the other varieties. The pack contains three smaller silver packets, about the size of a nose strip, see top right. When you open the smaller packet you get a lovely air of orange/citrus scents, an immediate pick me up! The 2 parts of the mask are stuck on plastic sheets (bottom left), you then remove it and gently apply it under each eye (bottom right, sexy hey?). And then you go about your regular business for around 30 minutes (according to the packet, I like to leave face masks on longer than suggested usually, is that bad…?). What I love about this is that you can truly do what you want – you can eat, drink, talk, talk on the phone – all without smearing clay or gel or whatever everywhere. No mess, no fuss. It didn’t budge for the entire 40 odd minutes I had it on. The strip itself is not saturated like the brand’s other sheet masks, but it’s almost gel-ish on the back (the side that’s pressed into your skin). Removal was easy – you simply (gently – it’s the eye area remember, no pulling and tugging!) peal it off and discard.


It left my skin refreshed and hydrated – I’ll continue to use a few packets more to see if it has any genuine smoothing and brightening effect, but so far so good!

One pack contains 3 sets of under eye masks, making this really good value for money at around R50 a pack. And if it’s on 3 for 2 at Clicks it’s a total steal – better stock up!

This product is available at Clicks stores and Sorbet salons.

You can check out Sorbet on the following social media channels:
Website: www.sorbet.co.za
Facebook: @SorbetGroup
Twitter: @SorbetGroup
Instagram: @Sorbetgroup

This is a fantastic product for guys to use! You can stick it on and if the doorbell rings you can simply whip it off if you’re afraid to open the door with it on and somehow lose some of your manhood. Not a bad option of you feel like starting out with face masks. Like I’ve said, the pack contains 3 sets, so round up some friends for a braai and have a go at it (and then please take a pic and send it to me)!


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