e.l.f Perfect Blend Concealer

I recently went to the USA on holiday and brought back loads of random cosmetics. I’ll try to do a (shortish) post about each one, seeing as the products aren’t available in SA (I really do wish we had more major products available in our stores, there are so many fantastic brands and products that we have no idea about).

Target (the shop) is both a god send and a horrible place. God send in the sense that it has so much great stuff in there! I could literally walk around for hours. Horrible in the sense that I walk out with bags and bags of mostly extremely unnecessary stuff. The pitfalls of loving cosmetics…

So let’s start with one of my purchases: e.l.f Perfect Blend Concealer in light beige.

e.l.f has two makeup ranges – one with white packaging and one with black. The white range is extremely cheap (as in $1-$2 a product) whilst the black range is a bit more expensive ($3+). It would seem the black range is meant to be more “higher end”.

I was disappointed in this product. It didn’t cover and conceal anything and barely showed up on my skin. It has a nice consistency and a sponge tip applicator which makes application easy, but that was pretty much it. I don’t mind fragranced cosmetics and this has a feint apricot smell, which is refreshing and not overbearing.

There are 2 shades available (the other one is much darker). 
I am hoping and praying that stores like Clicks and Dischem somehow start selling e.l.f products – woman in South Africa would go mad!
*sorry for not showing the product actually applied on my face. I rarely go without makeup due to being self conscious about pigmentation… Maybe one day…

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