Mini Giveaway!


I reached 100 Instagram followers! I know it’s not a lot and it’s a long way off from 1000, but to me it means something and to celebrate that I will be having a mini giveaway! It’s not a huge prize, but it’s something free!

Included in the giveaway:

  • Essence The Gel nail polish in “16 Fame Fetal” (the blog is called RedNails after all…)
  • Essence The Gel nail polished in “10 True Love”
  • Sorbet Hydrating Sheet Mask
  • Skin Strategy Soothing & Calming Sheet Mask

Enter using the following link: RedLipsRedNails Giveaway!

Entries will be open from 04/08/2017 – 11/08/2017, please feel free to let your friends know and share! Unfortunately this giveaway is only open to those living in South Africa.

Thank you for following!

Long live #koopsiekte

A 🙂




*top image credit: pixabay.com

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