A walkabout… 

You know how people go walking and hiking in the great outdoors? I do that in Dischem and Clicks. I should actually not be allowed to go into these stores unsupervised. Not that it would help. Hahaha… #koopsiekte

I’m one of those people who would go in to get 1 or 2 items that I (most probably don’t) need, but would come out with a massive bag full of stuff. All sorts of stuff. Random stuff. Unnecessary stuff. Stuff I probably already have. Or don’t need. Or don’t know how to use.

I went on a walkabout last week and took some pics of items I’m interested in…or liked…or want…or need (bahaha). 

20171020_132824.jpgThere are a few interesting products in the Dove DermaSpa range. This one has a roller ball application thingy and seems to be serum like. But I’m guessing I would still have to rub the product into my skin, which kind of defeats the purpose of the automatic application? 

20171020_132904.jpgThis looks like something that can be useful now that I’ve started running like a maniac. And every single muscle hurts. Even muscles I didn’t know existed. 

20171020_133020.jpgI’ve seen this product for a few years now but I’ve never bought it. I’m a bit afraid of self/instant tanners. I have a Caribbean Tan mousse which works quite well. 

20171020_133040.jpgIn my post about face masks I mentioned the Freeman charcoal sugar mask/scrub. I was super excited to see the mud version is available now! Yayness!

Another face mask find waiting to be tried! Promise I didn’t buy it! Next time. 

This is a massive container of argan oil shampoo. I’ve never tried argan oil on my hair before, I’m afraid it will make it super oily.

New York City flashbacks and the excruciating pain my feet were in. Nothing helped. Wonder if this would’ve made a difference? 

This smells lovely and fresh! I love lemony smells. 


Didn’t know L’Oreal made micellar water! Would love give this a try, after I’ve finished my current 3 bottles of micellar water. 

Apparently this will blur pores? I am forever searching for something that will reduce my pores.


This foundation seems to get good reviews? 

My nails are in a horrendous state. Peeling and breaking and tearing. Wondering if this would help? 

Same goes for this? Is this one better? Choices choices. Decisions decisions. 

This. Smells. AMAZING. Like you can eat it. But please rather don’t.

Anyone used one or more of these products? Your thoughts? Any other suggestions?

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