December walkabout…

So by now everyone knows I love Dischem and Clicks…It’s like a museum, I can wander around in there for ages! There’s always something new to find!

Yesterday I went on another walkabout (you can read about my 1st post about a walkabout here) and here’s some of the stuff I saw…

20171203_134259I have rebellious eyebrow issues. Some of them just will not go the same way as the others. So I’m left fighting with it, trying to stick it down in the right direction…something like that, you get the idea. I usually use the essence make me brow mascara type product, which works good enough, but I thought I’d give this a try, so I’ll see if this helps!

This is a new range available at Dischem called Amz Loves, it smells divine. Not sure I want to coat myself in something marshmallow scented but yoh, it smells nice. Fab gift ideas! You can see more of their products here.

20171203_134548This smells delish! No I won’t taste it, don’t worry…It’s a lovely creamy scrub with a nice texture, it’s sure to give good exfoliation!

20171203_134618I started laughing when I saw this. “Ideal for weight control when motivation is needed”. How on earth is this going to motivate me not to eat an entire milky bar when it smells just like it…

20171203_134654I generally prefer “dry” deodorants. I am not a roll on person, it’s like the hand cream on my hands thing, I just can’t stand the wetness under my arms and flailing around until it’s dry. I decided to try this product from Nivea, let’s see how it goes…

20171203_135112I’ve always been a huge fan of the Garnier Combination/Oily skin BB cream. It gives me nice coverage without looking like I spackled on foundation and keeps me matt-ish for most of the day. It seems there was some sort of a reformulation (I’m assuming from the grapefruit pic on the packaging now…).

20171203_135209So many people are gearing towards environmentally friendly / vegan / organic / cruelty free etc type products. I’ve seen this range in store before but never tried any of their products. You can read more about this brand on their website.

20171203_135253When I hear the name “Ingram’s” I think of the camphor cream. But lately they have expanded the range to include some other products as well, on the site I also see a tissue oil gel! Have a look at the products here.

20171203_135325I HATE it when my hair gets in the way when I’m washing my face, applying a face mask or doing my makeup. I will never understand people who put on face masks with loose hair, how the hell do they do it!? So I usually have a few of these types of things around. My fave is still the ones Woolies used to make, you got it in peach and white, but I haven’t seen it in ages (like in, years). This is also a nice gift!

20171203_135427No woman should be without a small mirror in her handbag – to help apply lipstick, check hair, fish an eyelash out of your eye or even to check someone out behind you. Dischem has loads of pretty ones! And it’s cheap! Another great gift idea.

20171203_140002With all the money I’ve spend on whitening products to try and get my teeth whiter I probably could’ve gone for Zoom bleaching my now. But alas, has anyone tried this product?

20171203_140153If you’re travelling during the holidays, get yourself an eye mask to help you sleep! This one is nice and funky and makes a great stocking filler gift!

20171203_140828Oooh, another new mask to try…no I didn’t buy it. But I probably will later on…

20171203_140840Hallelujah to the one who gave this product a screw type cap! I’m scared to try these peel-off charcoal masks seeing as every single peel-off mask I’ve used before hurt like hell to get off.

Have you tried any of these products? Saw anything interesting in the shops lately?



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