Oh So Heavenly Hand Serum

I am not a fan of hand cream, in fact I sort of despise it. Usually when I apply it I immediately want to wash my hands. I just cannot stand the icky sticky feeling.

And then in came the Oh So Heavenly Moroccan Argan Oil Nourishing Hand Serum (gosh what a mouthful!). I love this product so much – it’s super light, non sticky and doesn’t make me want to run around with my hands in the air, too afraid to touch anything. It absorbs almost immediately and leaves my skin silky soft and smooth (if only they made a body serum…yoh yoh yoh I would go crazy). The size is perfect for your handbag and it doesn’t have a cap that can accidentally open and cover everything in cream! Silky hands for the win! 

Have a look at the Oh So Heavenly Beauty Secrets range here. There is sure to be something you like!

I have always loved Oh So Heavenly – there’s a wide variety of lovely smelling products! They also make the perfect gifts! Hello Christmas shopping! And with Clicks 3 for 2 deals… Hello #koopsiekte!!! 

What is your favourite hand cream? 



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