Essence little beauty angels Colour Correcting soft brightening face perfection primer

Yoh, that is one long title for what will be a super short post!

I recently saw this primer at Dischem and thought I’d give it a go. This range had quite a few products, including other colour correcting primers, primer sticks, concealers, powder pearls, loose powder, lip primer, mini makeup sponges and nail polish.

This is the brightening primer in “03 I’m your brightening angel”. It says: “beige foundation to brighten darker parts of the face. Gives an even result and ensures a fresh, radiant complexion. Mattifying, can be used alone or under make-up – helps making the makeup longlasting.”

Completely honest? This didn’t do anything. Nothing. Nada.

It has a beige like colour and smooth consistency and it spreads easily. This primer doesn’t really absorb completely and stays a bit tacky (which isn’t necessarily bad – it can help make makeup last longer).

It doesn’t have a primer type texture (silicone-y) nor does it feel like a moisturiser. Somewhat like a gel, but also not. Not really quite sure what it is. Anyway, I can’t say that it brightened my face. Or really did anything for that matter. My makeup didn’t last longer (that I noticed). So unfortunately this is a pass for me.

My hunt for an effective primer continues..

Have you tried this? Did it work for you? Maybe I just couldn’t see the effect?

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