The Body Shop Face Mists

We all know we’re supposed to drink a lot of water to help hydrate your skin and prevent it from looking all bleak and wrinkly and like you’re permanently tired. But sometimes we need all the help we can get. Enter facial mists!
Not that you should totally forego water, go drink some now! Immediately! *begrudgingly takes a sip of water*

I recently purchased 2 of the new face mists from The Body Shop. There are 5 variants – each variant with its own benefits:

Mint Mattifying for oily skin
“Stay in control with Mint Mattifying Face Mist. This mist leaves skin looking mattified and shine-free and helps reduce the appearance of excess oil. Infused with a winning combination of mint from Nicaragua, seaweed extract from Ireland and kaolin clay from the UK. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed”

Coco Calming for sensitive skin
“Help keep your skin feeling calm so you can carry on with our Coco Calming Face Mist. This calming mist helps to soothe dry, sensitive skin when you need instant relief. Enriched with naturally refreshing coconut water from Brazil, as well as calming aloe vera and bisabolol. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed.”

Mandarin Energising for tired skin
(The Body Shop also has a Vitamin C Energising face sprits which I love, not sure if it’s the same as this new mandarin one?)

Rose Dewy Glow for dull skin

Strawberry Soothing for smoother looking skin

I got the Mint Mattifying and Coco Calming ones. Both smell divine (you will either love it or hate it I guess, some people prefer unscented products due to skin sensitivity issues, which I don’t have). Just a light scent, nothing too overpowering and not something that will detract from perfume etc. The smell disappears quite quickly once applied. The mint one contains kaolin to assist with the mattifying aspect, so you have to shake it well to mix it (as the clay settles at the bottom).

I used both of them over the weekend and I have to say I am impressed.

On Saturday it was quite warm (for winter!) and we were out and about wine-tasting during the day. I have oily/combo skin which usually gets shiny around my forehead, nose and chin area. The Mint Mattifying mist was wonderfully refreshing and kept my makeup intact. Whilst the mattifying effect wasn’t hectic, it did help. I think if you do a quick blot and then add a spritz of this you will be set for the rest of the day! When we got home after a long day out (but still not done…), I added a few sprays of the Coco Calming variant and it left my skin soft and fresh looking. On Sunday we were out and about again having a braai with family and I tried both again, and again my skin was left refreshed and my makeup intact. I wouldn’t use this as a makeup setting spray, but definitely something to use during the day. I’m not sure if these will make a major difference to your skin in the long run in the way a “true” skincare product will have (like a cream or serum you apply etc.) – what do you think? The 60ml bottle means it small enough to carry in your bag which will be great for coming hot summer days!

The face mists are 100% vegan, generally suited for all skin types, dermatologically tested and makeup friendly.

These mists are a perfect pick me up any time of the day!

The Body Shop website also had a short article on these mists, read it here.



**As a side note: I hate that our local Body Shop website is outdated. There is no info on these mists on our site, I by chance saw an ad for these in a woman’s magazine and decided to try it out. There’s also no info on the recent Body Yogurts. So the info and links contained here relate back to the international (USA) site, so don’t get excited when you see stuff on there that we don’t have here!


Pic credits: website

2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Face Mists”

  1. Hey there, thanks for the lovely info about these face mists, I didn’t know they have amazing and helpful lovely little things at Bath & Body, all I do is buy candles from there! LOL thanks for sharing!


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