LA Girl PRO.matte foundation

At the Dischem Beauty Fair I recently purchased the (newly available in SA) L.A Girl PRO.matte foundation. I’ve been waiting for this foundation to be released here since I first heard of it! I have oily (recently somewhat combination) skin and if this works like it’s been said to, it would be a God send!


I chose the shade “Natural” which is a perfect fit for me. I tend to be toward the lighter spectrum of foundation shades (while my one sister for example, in comparison, is much tanner than me). So Natural was the best shade (at least it’s not the lightest shade available!).

I applied it with my Ofra Perfecting Puff and it blended like a dream. The texture is somewhat thicker than usual, but still fairly liquid (does that make sense…). It dries down well and I didn’t really need to apply powder. Blusher and highlighter applied over it without problem.


Unfortunately this foundation does oxidize so after about an hour or so it will look a bit darker, but not too much. It didn’t bother me thaaaat much, just something to bear in mind. For some reason foundation doesn’t really last long on me, even if I use setting spray. By around lunchtime it would seem as if some of the foundation simply disappeared from my face…am I the only one this happens to?


This is a matte foundation and as such the finish is matte, but not powder dry or odd looking. It did cling to drier areas, emphasize some areas that had texture and settled in my smile lines. By the end of the day the foundation had completely broken apart around my mouth and chin area unfortunately. This foundation is not transfer proof and will rub off if you touch your face.

Oxidation around jawline

In the pic above you can see of oxidation that occurred. There’s also an area next to my ear where the foundation has rubbed off – that’s due to me resting my face against my hand (have to stop doing that…).

All in all I still liked it (is that weird?), it didn’t feel heavy on my skin en provided good coverage. So not the total God send I was hoping for, but also not completely horrible at least.

Have you tried this foundation? What was your experience with it?


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