Goals Goals Goals

New Year’s resolutions…do you do them? Do you stick with it? I don’t (well, I usually have ideas but I never keep to them for long). So I thought, let’s rather set some goals for 2019 (Isn’t that the same as a resolution? Am I just trying to trick my brain? Maybe…).

IMG_20170920_153755_156.jpg Beauty goals:

  • Improve my skincare routine – cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise/night cream, eye cream and sunscreen. EVERY DAY. Most days I do all of it, some days only some of it…
  • Stick to my skincare routine – stop using all sorts of random stuff in between and stick to my brand as far as possible (Environ), at least for the basics. This is a hard one as I love trying out new stuff.
  • Exfoliate regularly!
  • Use face masks regularly – as in at least twice a week. I have a huge amount of sheet masks and others and I don’t want it to go to waste.
  • Use up open items – I have so much stuff…
  • Stop buying unnecessary stuff – I guess this goes with the previous one, not that beauty items are ever unnecessary (#facepalm), but having 10 body lotions open at one time probably is…(I don’t have 10 open, or at least I don’t think I do, but you get the idea).
  • Use more of my eye shadow palettes – I have hordes of them, but somehow use the same one(s) over and over.
  • Clean my makeup brushes more often – not that I don’t do it, but I can do it more frequently. Hello Pink Cosmetics Solid Brush and Sponge Cleanser!

Other goals:

  • Lose weight (hahaha)!
  • Tone up (hahaha)!
  • Drink more water! Ffs!
  • Find more delicious Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc!
  • Eat and enjoy good food (in all senses)!
  • Drink all my vitamins and supplements – daily!
  • Travel – both local and international if possible!
  • Finish my crochet blanket!
  • Organise my spaces like I want it!
  • BLOG MORE OFTEN – otherwise I might as well close down my website!

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2019? Tell me about it!

Here’s to a prosperous 2019 for all! Cheers!

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