Some Essence items! 

I thought I’d give you some thoughts on a few Essence makeup products. Essence is a great brand, fabulously cheap and always keeping up with the trends. I include a product from a previous trend edition, which probably isn’t available in store anymore (sorry!)


I actually like this highlighter! Don’t worry, you don’t look like a multicoloured unicorn when applying this powder highlighter, but it rather adds subtle shimmer and dimension due to the slight colour variance. I also have the new trend edition (Blossom Dreams) version of this, which is lighter (more pastel) and also quite lovely – pic below.

ME & MY UMBRELLA BLUSH (trend edition) 

This has been one of my go to blushes for a while now. It’s a lovely pinkish colour, with a very very very slight shimmer. Nothing glittery at all. It suits my skin tone and I use it almost every day. The staying power isn’t the greatest, but I also forget to apply fixing spray almost daily, so I suspect it will last longer with a spritz of fixing spray at the end. I love the embossed look of it! So cute!


This is a thin peachy pink liquid concealer that supposedly had the effect of creating a woken up look. The consistency is quite light and thin and applies easily with the dowe foot applicator. The colour pay-off is light and I don’t think this will conceal hectic dark circles, but I guess with a few layers it would be better. But for some light discolouration and perking up after a night out, this just might do the trick! There’s also a green and yellow variety available.

Sorry for the short post today! Time is no one’s friend these days!

And sorry guys, this one isn’t really for you as well, maybe steer clear of the highlighter, it can transfer to clothes etc. fairly easily.

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