The Pinterest Revolution

I love Pinterest! Totally love it! It’s filled with so much information! You can find inspiration for absolutely anything! I mostly look at beauty, fashion, wedding, diy, quotes and gardening items.


Want to know what eyeshadow colour suites your eyes? Home made face masks? Tips and tricks? Contouring and blush info? Hair styles? What size carpet will work best? You’ll find all of this and (so much) more on Pinterest. It’s like a massive encyclopedia (like google, but with pretty pics!).


Want to build a garden bench? Pinterest! Not sure what colour to paint a wall? Pinterest! Not sure what to cook for dinner? PINTEREST!

I recently started an account for my blog, feel free to check it out and follow me here.

I also have my personal account (tinktinkie6) that I’ve had for years.


Did you know Pinterest is blocked in China?

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