Office Makeup Stash

I have a small stash of makeup that I keep in my office desk drawer – in case I want to reapply something or forgot to apply something to begin with (here’s looking at you mascara…). So, what’s in the drawer?

  • Mascara – the number one makeup item I forget to put on. So many times. I don’t know why, it’s not like I don’t see it on my dresser every morning. Currently I have the Tarte Tarteist on hand at the office.
  • A few lip items, usually a lip gloss and a lipstick of some sort in a pink/mauve every day colour. Currently a Colourpop Disney Designer Collection lip gloss in Bobbidi (I have Boo in my car and a few others in my handbag).
  • The Body Shop face mist – a nice pick me up when it’s 30’C outside. It also helps to refresh makeup a bit.
  • Avon Footworks foot spray – also a nice pick me up, leaves feet cool and fresh!
  • A tweezer
  • A nail clipper
  • Dental floss (you never know!)
  • Lip balms – I usually have a few around, right now it’s Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula in Dark Chocolate & Cherry, and I also have the Dr PawPaw peach pink balm. I have a few in my handbag that I can apply in the car on the way to work as well.
  • Eyebrow product, for the days when it looks out of whack!



What items do you always have on hand?

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