Skincare Ingredients – the Good and the Bad

Have you ever read the label on your facewash, moisturiser or serum? There are words that I can’t pronounce, much less know what they are good for or why it’s in there! You’ve probably heard words like hyaluronic acid and ceramides before – these are good! Unfortunately, sometimes there are ingredients included that’s not as… Continue reading Skincare Ingredients – the Good and the Bad

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Boxyluxe (the upgraded Boxycharm)

I am a subscriber to the US service called Boxycharm. It’s a beauty subscription service where you get a box of cosmetic items every month for $21 (excluding shipping because we in South Africa use a freight forwarding service to get it here). Each month the box contained 4-5 full size items and feature major… Continue reading Boxyluxe (the upgraded Boxycharm)