Morning Makeup Routine

In general, I’m not a morning person. I am one of those that, if I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off, you can bet I will close my eyes and try to sleep for those remaining 5 minutes! Which usually means that I don’t get up when I’m supposed to. So, I don’t get to do my makeup like I would want to! Oops…

What does my routine look like?

Stumble out of bed. Let Bertie out.

Wash my face (wipe with a warm facecloth), brush my teeth, apply moisturiser and/or sunscreen, apply primer (if I remember…).

Some days I’m not in the mood for foundation, so I’ll apply some tinted moisturiser (Essence You Better Work) or BB cream (Garnier for combo skin). If I use foundation (The Body Shop) I don’t have to use powder, which is great, as I sometimes find it creates streaks and blotches.

My eye makeup for work isn’t complicated – a neutral colour as a base (MAC Painterly Paint Pot), a transition shade above my (non-existent) crease and a darker colour on the outside corner. I would usually add a shimmer or brighter shade below the transition shade.

I would sometimes use a darker colour of shadow as liner, applied with a small stiff brush, when I’m not feeling for applying pencil liner.

Mascara (which I usually forget and then apply at work) is next. 99.99% of the time I don’t curl my eyelashes.

I cannot leave the house without blush, I’m so pale! So I pop on some Benefit Rockateur / Gold Rush / Galifornia (sometimes even a combination of all three!), Milani Luminoso or something similar. I have lots…

I don’t usually apply highlighter for work, maybe I should do it more?

Lip product is usually applied in the car on the way to work at a red light! On most days it’s a mauve/rose/pinkish natural colour. Some days the urge for red lips set in…

A spritz of setting spray and that’s pretty much it. My makeup usually takes me around 10 minutes!

What’s your morning makeup routine?